Curl on my curly way

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You deserve a quality connection and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our talent with you. Your beauty destination is here, we are here to help you meet your needs with the right energy and expertise in every service we offer.

We all need a change from time to time, and a hair color transition is the right choice. We will take special care and care to treat your hair in the right way for this process that can be more delicate.

We all need a change from time to time, and a hair color transition is the way to go. We will take special care and care to treat your hair in the right way for this process which can be more delicate.

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A soft and cared for hair will make it easier for you to treat it, and in addition to contributing to the health of your hair, our service will give you total freshness and renewal thanks to special care treatments.

A striking, tender or defiant look is also composed by your eyebrows and every day we are more and more convinced of it, not only highlighting them, but finding the ideal shape for the kind of look you want.

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Curl Defining Gel is a CG gel specially developed for curly hair and is suitable for any type of curl. This gel contains proteins and oils that intensively nourish the hair, thus improving its elasticity.

This gel also ensures that your curls are perfectly shaped and defined at the same time. Your curls get a medium hold and you can therefore enjoy long-lasting curls. At the same time, the risk of frizz is minimized and you get shiny curls. The gel also serves as a protective layer against external influences.

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This CG gel will keep your curls looking great even on the busiest of days. Thanks to the good hold and the gel mold that forms, your hair is less likely to frizz throughout the day.

Your hair is also nourished thanks to the enriching products contained in the CG gel, such as marshmallow root, jojoba oil and aloe vera. And the gel protects against external factors such as dust and dirt.

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I’m a member because it’s a way to learn collaboratively in a safe, low cost environment with proactive people passionate about mobile development, having Gabi as an excellent content curator and facilitator. Jimmy Saenz Rizo

What motivates me the most is to be part of a community of Android Developers who want to grow and do it as a team. The technical talks, networking, pair programming and the book club are my favorite activities, I’m very happy and motivated to be part of this team! Marcelo Czerewacz

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